Low Profile, Curved And Thin, Split keyboard
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Low Profile, Curved And Thin, Split keyboard

What is it?

A keyboard based on my other project CKC. This repo will maybe, at some point, contain a build guide.. or at the very least the ckc-config.. which will probably also be an example config in CKC.


What i originally wanted was just to have a split keyboard with configurable columns (shape, number of keys, rotations, etc) and thumbcluster, and then for the rest (walls and base) be generated automagically. As i started writing it tho, it turned more and more into a keyboard-generator than just some extra config-options for a predefined keyboard - so, what i first intended to just be lpcats, became CKC. So this repo is likely to be pretty empty until i get CKC to usable state.


Since i am a AE-shopoholic i have already bought most of the components.

Part Quantity Unit Price Total Shipping Store Notes
Switches 4 x12 $4.00 $16.00 $9.00 Keychron Gateron LP blues
Caps 1 x117 $14.21 $14.21 $3.14 Aliexpress XVX Horizon low profile
Diodes 1 x100 €2.15 €2.15 €0.25 ebay 1N4148
BLE boards 2 $4.54 $9.08 $3.62 Aliexpress MS88SF21, SoC: nRF52840
USB-C breakouts 2 $0.9 $1.80 $1.17 Aliexpress
Battery management 2 $1.95 $3.90 $3.83 Aliexpress MCP73871 load sharing board
Thermistors 1 x10 €2.99 €2.99 €0.99 ebay NTC 10kΩ 5%, MF52 for battery overheating protection
Lipo batteries, 2Ah 2 $4.20 $8.40 $0 Aliexpress

So just under $60 (excluding consumables and shipping), of course the two most costly items - switches and caps - might run you a lot more a quite a bit less depending on your taste. The shipping, $22 in total, is to sweden and it's worth noting that you can (or well, could, given chip shortages, wars, and so on) get most of the other AE parts cheaper than i did if you can order stuff from china without getting any extra taxes/fees added to them - i pretty much only bought stuff from sellers that could ship from the EU. So all-in-all it's pretty price competitive with even lower end prebuilds, and if you compare it to most sculpted puppers you can throw in an AE 3D-printer and still come out way below average.. given, of course, that you do not value your own time =)


Unlicense/public domain