The main radarini web application. It allows to store contact data of solidarity initiatives and to retrieve them through configurable filters.
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License Woodpecker Chat Weblate

The main radarini web application. It enables storage and filtered search for contact data and services offered by solidarity initiatives.


In essence, you only need docker to get the application running. Using the docker-compose file, the main application will be started together with the other containers linked to it.


  1. Set the environment variables as described in example.env. You can set them directly in your enviroment, or create a .env file in the docker folder.
  2. Start the application with ./ start prod.


  • When running for the first time you need to create a superuser with the ./ manage prod createsuperuser command.
  • You can run further django admin commands with ./ manage prod <command> (A list of all commands available is displayed via the help command)
  • Further instructions can be found in the Admin Manual and the User Manual.


For development we provide additional docker-compose setups at docker/ and docker/docker-compose.debug.yml. If you want to contribute to the project take a look at the file.


The project is translated via weblate. At the moment the following translations are available:

  • English (source)
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Persian
  • Ukrainian
  • Greek (Under development)
  • Hindi (Under development)
  • Italian (Under development)
  • Dutch (Under development)


If you want to support the project financially, you can find information on Radarini-specific donation options might be added later.


The project is continuously improved and updated. If you want to know our plan for Radarini, take a look at the roadmap and the development board.