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A simple FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for Android

Updated 1 week ago

Easily send toasts in a browser

Updated 2 weeks ago

Lines of code counter for Gitea

Updated 2 weeks ago

Android client for Gitea(https://codeberg.org, https://gitea.com or your custom hosted server)

Updated 1 month ago

Woodpecker plugin that blocks changes in the Git repository

Updated 2 months ago

Woodpecker plugin to check if files contain specified regex

Updated 2 months ago

Woodpecker plugin to check formatting of IntelliJ-based profiles

Updated 3 months ago

A very simple todo application running in your web browser (using IndexedDB or LocalStorage)

Updated 4 months ago

Java 0 0

Simplified Java clone of PrismJS

Updated 7 months ago

Simple Android application to calculate edges and angles of a triangle

Updated 8 months ago

Add an attachment to the latest Gitea release

Updated 9 months ago

Java 0 0

A simple Java library to work with ZIP files

Updated 9 months ago

Go 0 0

A simple application that just plays a pure tone

Updated 12 months ago