Client for my knowledge database project KDB.
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KDB - Knowledge Database


KDB is a simple tool to keep track of simple knowledge. In KDB there are sheets and records. A sheet is a table with two columns. The description and content column. A record defines such a description value pair.
So KDB is basically a tool to create simple tables with two columns and rearrangable rows which can be shared.


You could create a table in which you rate the different coffee beans you bought or a sheet to rate the taste of different tabaccos.


There is the client application which is created in Angular. The API server is made with java and Apache Tomcat. The API server controls the access and ensures flawless concurrent edditing of sheets. MariaDB is used to store everything on the server side.
The server does not save and personal information or IP addresses. So the use of KDB is currently completly anonymous.
Sheets can be shared across multiple users which enables sharing of knowledge.


  • Web App
  • Android App
  • IOS App
  • Native Windows App
  • Native Linux App
  • Images as content
  • Links with embed as content
  • Files as content
  • Locations as content
  • Public hosting service
  • Premium version with more sheet slots (1€ for 10 slots)