This is the repository for the Cerealizer project containing meta stuff like project description, icons, color palets etc.
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Ceralizer aka. Cereal-Tron-3000

Ceralizer what?

The name 'Cerealizer' is a "haha funny" programming pun originated in the word "Serializer". Because haha "Cereal ~ Serial" got it?


The 'Cerealizer' is a machine for automatic cereal mixing. The idea is that you have a few different ingredients stored in some kind of silos which can then be individually dispensed into a kind of funnel which ends up in a bowl.



For the silos I decided to use pipes out of transparent acrylic which can be variated in height to increase the amount of cereal that can be held.


The dispenser is a custom 3D modeled mechanism which consists of a funnel ending in a spiral helix. The spiral helix is then rotated by a stepper motor attached to that mechanism. At the end of the spiral helix is a hole where the ingredient can then drop down into the bowl.

Control Hardware

As my main MCU I use a socketed 'Wemos D1 mini pro' ESP8266X based microcontroller with integrated WiFi. This MCU is placed onto a custom printed circuit board which holds 8 stepper control boards for a maximum of 8 ingredients.
Because of the strictly limited amount of pins on the MCU I had to use a 8bit shift register to be able to properly control all eight stepper motors individually.

Associated Projects


It's not an operating system. It' just a firmware made in PlatformIO with Arduion C++. But I wanted to name it CerealOS so deal with it!

📦 CerealOS Repository

Color pallette


Description Name html hex code Nextion color code
Primary Accent Brass bb8e57 48234
Secondary Accent Corrosion 61806a 25613
Additional Accent 1 Gold d89840 -
Additional Accent 2 Amber b36d41 45928
Additional Accent 3 Coffee 7d4735 31270
General Text Blight bcb6b3 48566
General Background Titanium 3d342e 14757
Alert Text Bloodmoon bb5757 -

Color pallette

Color pallette image