2 Assembling P9
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These are instructions on constructing a PsyLink Prototype 9.x from raw parts that can be sourced from electronics supply stores, the supermarket, as well as a PCB manufacturer (although you could to etch and drill it yourself.)

  • Acquire the materials and PCBs listed in the respective BOM (bill of materials)
  • If your PCB manufacturer left your PCB with rough break-off points on the side of the PCB, file them off to avoid scratching the skin
  • Solder on the SMD components, apply flux when needed. Use lead-free solder.
  • Cut the downward-facing pins of all through-hole components (pin headers, pin sockets, power switch) except the battery clips down to ~1.4mm so that they don't stick out of the PCB and possibly scratch the skin
  • Solder on the Through-hole components (except battery clips)
  • Plug in the battery clips, bend its pins inward so that they don't scratch the skin, (the end may break off but that's ok), and solder them on
  • Clean off solder flux stains with Isopropyl Alcohol on the sides that face the skin
  • Cover the bottom of the power module with insulating tape to avoid skin contact
  • Screw on the electrodes / legs
  • Wire up everything as described in the Wiring P9 page
  • Push the elastic band through the respective holes to connect the boards together

The required tools for assembly:

  • Solder iron
  • Lead-free solder tin
  • Possibly solder flux
  • Side cutters
  • Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning, along with a tissue and brush
  • Screw driver set
  • Isolating tape