a web server that will check BirdsiteLIVE instances and report back their status
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BSL Checks

A web service to display details of known BirdsiteLIVE instances.


  • A Basic table of known BSL instances showing their url, owner, and saturation
  • It will check each instance every 15 minutes and report back the information - new saturation, if it's online, etc.
  • Ownership details are as follows:
    • bsl_url - your BirdsiteLIVE URL
    • owner - your name (ideally your Fediverse/Mastodon username (first part))
    • fedi_url - your fediverse home url i.e. fosstodon.org, mstdn.social, etc.
    • if the owner field is not entered, then the web service will get the contact email from the instance /nodeinfo/2.0.json output
  • written in Nim ... (a fact, not a feature... see Features of anything written in Rust or Go to realise why this is here)


This is designed to be simply run on any web server (with a reverse proxy to port 5000 and SSL)
Simply clone the repo and run

nimble run

Want your instance listed?

If you run an BirdsiteLIVE instance and want it listed in this database, please create an issue in this repo (or a pull request with an adjusted "instances.json" if you prefer)


  • @kev - for Simple.css - the main layout of the page
  • @birdsiteLIVE - for creating BirdsiteLIVE in the first place
  • All those who run their own BirdsiteLIVE instance for the community
  • Nim - a wonderful programming language