Android App to show and monitor the F-Droid build status
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F-Droid Build Status F-Droid Build Status

Android App to show and monitor the current F-Droid build status. It uses the F-Droid build server API.

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  • Shows failed and successfull builds
  • Shows build log in detail screen
  • Shows published versions of an app
  • Shows if an app needs an update or is disabled
  • Mark apps as favourite for sorting
  • Notify about new build status, optionally only of your favourite apps

F-Droid API

The App uses the following F-Droid API endpoints:



currently running build cycle currently running build cycle ( running.json)

last finished build cycle last finished build cycle (build.json)

successful build successful build

failed build failed build, incomplete build cycle ( maxBuildTimeReached)

unknown build unknown build

non-favourite app non-favourite app

favourite app favourite app

disabled app disabled app

app needs update app needs update


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