Android App to show and monitor the F-Droid build status
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F-Droid Build Status F-Droid Build Status

Android App for the F-Droid build status API.

Get it on F-Droid

Get nightly builds from


  • Shows failed and successfull builds
  • Shows build log in detail screen
  • Shows published versions of an app
  • Shows if an app needs an update or is disabled
  • Mark apps as favourite for sorting
  • Notify about new build status, optionally only of your favourite apps

F-Droid API

The App uses the following F-Droid API endpoints:



currently running build cycle currently running build cycle (running.json)

last finished build cycle last finished build cycle (build.json)

successful build successful build

failed build failed build, incomplete build cycle (maxBuildTimeReached)

unknown build unknown build

non-favourite app non-favourite app

favourite app favourite app

disabled app disabled app

app needs update app needs update


This app is translated at:

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If you would like to get in touch:

Matrix: or via