a greasemonkey script that will allow you to claim all of the games in an itch bundle to your library.
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This is just a minimally updated version of owsky's Itch-Bundle-Claimer, so that it works for the new version of greasemonkey, this has been tested on Firefox, Chome, and Edge


Once you have installed greasemonkey, simply click the "new user script" button, and paste the contents of script.js into the text field. Then disable greasemonkey and navigate to the bundle page you want to claim (should be in the bundles tab under "My Library/My Purchases"), then reactivate greasemonkey and refresh the page.

You can tab away and open new tabls on top of the script, and it will navigate through the pages on its own.


Please do not abuse this script, the itch team have made it clear that scripts like these are not kind to their servers. This only exists because it is a more efficient way to do it than similar scripts found online.

I recommend just adding games that look interesting to your library and checking back every now again, but I'm weird about having things in as few places as possible, so I still use this.