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This text file is so that I can list all of the articles that
people have requested to be made, so that I don't forget about
anyone's request. If you are interested in writing articles
for the site and need help choosing something to review, this
list is a good place to start.
1password — made a "stub" article: services (excite, myway) — no progress has been made
Merge information from and
to the steam article, also run it through MITMproxy to find what requests it makes. — no progress has been made
Create a new class of articles about browser addons, the following explicitly:
NoScript (allegedly phones home? needs a test to see if that's true or not...)
Stylish (definite spyware)
No progress made on any of those ^
uTorrent — stub article:
Write about Razor mouse products:
Useful links:
For mitigation guides there's an easy way to run any program without letting it connect to the internet using scripts through iptables and there's always the --net=none option with firejail. I use 'ni' instead of 'no-internet'.
No progress has been made ^
Write about the oculus rift:
No Progress ^
Write about privacy badger:
Write about lenovo bundling spyware:
Write about HP bundling spyware:
Write about Dell bundling spyware:
Write about TOSHIBA bundling spyware:
Write about Acer bundling spyware:,2817,2477704,00.asp
Rate CPU's for spyware:
Some progress made with that. See AMD CPU article. Still need to finish that.
Write about visual studio — no progress
write about geary — no progress
Add this tag to the top of everything:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
Ublock Origin — No progress (phoning home? check privacy policy)
> please add to overview browsers like Seamonkey, Srware Iron and Sphere
> browser: <>
Did Iron and Sphere
Write about the Bromite Android Browser
-I don't have an android phone. So someone else will have to write it, I don't have the means to do a reveiw of it.
write articles about alternatives to Discord:
Mumble, etc.
No progress has been made yet.
Write an article about Facebook.
Write an article about TikTok.