My personalized Arch Linux distribution
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My personalized Arch Linux distribution

Cloning this repository

git clone --recurse-submodules && cd arch

Or equivalently:

git clone
cd arch
git submodule update --init --recursive

Build packages from source

Fork this repository.

Then and adjust the following files:

Build de-p1st-repo:

sudo docker-compose -f build-pkg/docker-compose.yml run --rm makepkg de-p1st-repo

Install it on your build-machine and your mirror-server:

# On your local machine
sudo pacman -U out/de-p1st-repo*.pkg.tar.*

# Copy the package to your mirror-server and install it there as well!

Then you can start building all packages and adding them to your mirror-server:


Adding/removing AUR packages

There are several AUR packages added as submodules inside pkg. See build-pkg/pkglist-AUR.txt for a full list.

They were added in the following manner:

git submodule add "${AUR_PKG}.git" pkg/"${AUR_PKG}"
# echo "Add ${AUR_PKG} to 'build-pkg/pkglist-AUR.txt'. Each line represents one build stage."

And can be removed with:

git rm -f pkg/"${AUR_PKG}"
# echo "Above command should remove ${AUR_PKG} from '.gitmodules'."

Update submodules of AUR packages

To update all submodules and add those who received an update to build-pkg/pkglist.tmp, run


Build outdated AUR packages

The following command includes ./git-pull.


Install Arch Linux

See pkg/de-p1st-installer/

Notes and TODOs