Minimal Firefox user.js tweaked for privacy
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Vulpes 🦊

> Minimal Firefox user.js tweaked for privacy

My Firefox setup

Firefox is a mess. This repository contains my configs & tweaks that you can use on Firefox-based browsers. I think Mozilla should ship with these tweaks pre-configured.

Like LibreWolf?

Vanilla Firefox can be tweaked to do everything that LibreWolf already does. You don't need to use LibreWolf if you use my user.js file.

Most GNU/Linux distros ship with better; up-to-date versions of Firefox. LibreWolf is built only after Mozilla releases the next build of Firefox. Some-distros specifically patch their distro's release to improve performance and have desktop integrations like KDE Plasma.

Most importantly — you get official support from Mozilla, should top-sites stop working because of Chromium incompatibilities. LibreWolf might feel too-harsh for some people when popular sites stop-working. You should be using the Tor Browser if your goal is to improve your digital-privacy and combat fingerpriting.

What's with the name?

vulpes — family of foxes; this user.js can be used with any Firefox based browser

Tweaks 🛠

  • Firefox Accounts: disabled
  • Geolocation: disabled
  • Google Safe Browsing: disabled
  • Notifications: disabled
  • Pocket: disabled
  • Telemetry: disabled


  1. Click here to download the latest user.js file
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Copy the user.js file
  4. Launch Firefox
  5. Type about:profiles in the address bar and hit enter
  6. Navigate to the Firefox current profile folder by clicking on Open Directory
  7. Paste the user.js file here
  8. Re-launch Firefox
  9. Search Engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo are not good choices. Pick another search engine
  10. Try DuckDuckGo, Whoogle, Brave Search, or pick a Searx instance.

TIP: Right-click on the address bar to add custom search-engines when visiting the site

Extensions & Themes

I use these for a better web-browsing experience. I'd say installing uBlock origin is the least one can do these days. Checkout the other extensions or install your own. Make sure your extensions aren't proprietary, as they are potenial security-risks.

TIP: HTTPS is always on. You don't need to install any extension. Check this feed for furthur updates.

This repo is hosted on Codeberg & mirrored to GitHub for traffic.

license: GPLv3 or Later