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Descriptions & attribution for my videos

Hi. I'm Nathan. I make videos, talking about tech, privacy, tutorials, libre software on this channel ~ polarhive

This channel is a portal/hub of all the videos I film & edit. When I got started in 2017. I used YouTube - which garnered north of 14k views; 52 videos in total, uploaded to that channel. Today, all those videos are archived, after deleting my main Google account. I'm starting fresh, now on decentralized platforms like Odysee & PeerTube, documenting my life & all the fun projects I make along the way. I'm mirroring to YouTube for traffic, a week after they go up on PeerTube/Odysee. I still have an archive of those old videos, reach out to me and I'd show you. P.S. (very cringy).

Follow me on Mastodon & Pixelfed; read my blog for other fun stuff!

Where can I watch your videos?

Why not write the description in the description box itself?

  1. I want to bring people away from YouTube - siphon people into privacy friendly, decentralized alternatives like the PeerTube, LBRY & eventually self host my own content. Both protocols allow for decentralized hosting.
  2. It's easier to manage it in one place like this repo than updating one video at a time on every single platform.
  3. YouTube tracks outbound links in the description box.
  4. Helps me learn Git!

Attribution for generic files used in my videos?

Intro/Outro artwork, music & media

Patreon, Liberapay, Crypto, & all the other ways you can help

This repo is hosted on Codeberg & mirrored to GitHub for traffic.

license: CC BY-SA 4.0