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philosophy 🤔

Laws, sayings & mantras from the weirdest parts of my brain. Some of them - I'm still figuring out.

  • You can not trust anyone or anything over the internet
  • Privacy is proportional to Security, but is not the same
  • Human knowledge should be free for anyone to build upon & share
  • The only way you own your computer is when you run libre software on it
  • Data once collected, can & will - be abused. Therefore don't give too much information
  • Time is wealthy
  • We are not living in a simulation
  • English is a modern, global language that everyone should be able to interpret
  • Learning atleast one foreign language is a must
  • Web0 > Web3
  • Cash > crypto, at local shops
  • Cold showers unless you're sick
  • Credit cards are a scam
  • Wake up before your alarm preferably @ 05:30
  • Don't sleep during the day [make use of sunlight]
  • Treadmills, bench presses, gyms & artificial forms of indoor fitness is unhealthy
  • Adults don't need 3 square meals a day. Assuming you don't sweat much (live a sedentary lifestyle). Get back to 2½ -> 3 meals once you get moving.
  • Don't take supplements or energy drinks
  • Don't smoke, drink, pollute or harm your body for temporary satisfaction. This includes social media, celebrity advice & other forms of spendthrift consumption
  • State your biases & boundaries - separate advice from opinion
  • People love honesty
  • Be excellent to each other
  • Help anyone in need but - don't spoonfeed
  • Document & share everything you know
  • Don't watch the news (TV)

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