blocklist against social media, news, entertainment & consumerism
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> A soft-blocklist against social media, news, entertainment & consumerism

Add this url to uBlock Origin - under custom filter lists

Alternatively, append it to your /etc/hosts file for hard-blocking sites.

What's soft-blocking?

When you use uBlock Origin - you can temporarily whitelist the site to load content should you need it. Cold Turkey? Block websites systemwide. Append the blocklist to your /etc/hosts file. But unblocking sites takes a bit more time. This friction should work to your advantage.

Wanna add a site?

Sure send me an email or use this form.


Anything that has a feed, primarily news sites & mainstream social media, sites that have anti-user behavior like tracking or unwanted recommendation engines waiting to feed you more content, wasting your time. Feel free to fork this project & use tune it to your needs. I block Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube & other mainstream social media in my config.

Why did you make this?

Generally I get all my news via RSS feeds via newsboat, in pure plain-text, so I don't hard block sites in my hosts file. I don't like recommendation engines when I'm browsing. I want things to be static, not disturb my workflow. Here's a blog post I've written about it.

What's with the name?

arceo - Latin word meaning ~ 'keeping away' or 'preventing'

This repo is hosted on Codeberg & mirrored to GitHub for traffic.

license: GPLv3 or Later