blocklist against social media, news, entertainment & consumerism
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> A soft-blocklist against social media, news, entertainment & consumerism

uBO: add this filter

Import uBlock filters manually
  1. Open uBlock Origin settings
  2. Under the "Filter lists" tab, scroll to the bottom where it says “Custom” and click the “Import” checkbox to reveal the custom URL textbox
  3. Paste the URL into the textbox
  4. Press Apply Changes in the upper left hand corner

Note: For some reason the add to uBlock-Origin button only works when you view this repository on GitHub, proceed to add the URL manually. Alternatively, append the blocklist to your /etc/hosts file for hard-blocking sites.

Why did you make this?

Nowadays, I get all my social media updates using RSS feeds: using newsboat. I block Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube & other mainstream social media in this blocklist.

I can browse and search articles locally, in pure plain-text. Paired with newsboat macros, I can archive videos with yt-dl, maintain a weekend binge-list or save articles for-later. I don't like recommendation engines when I'm browsing. I want things to be static & not disturb my workflow. I've blocked news sites, streaming sites, e-commerce and sites that have anti-user behaviour — à la tracking, recommendation engines that keep you hooked. Feel free to fork this project & tune it to your needs.

Want to add a site?

Did I miss any site? Send me an email or use my /contact form.

What's soft-blocking?

When you use uBlock Origin — you can temporarily whitelist the site to load content should you need it. Want to go Cold Turkey? — block websites system-wide by appending the blocklist to your /etc/hosts file.

Note: Unblocking sites takes a bit more time as you need to clear your local DNS cache / rebooting. This friction should work to your advantage.

What's with the name?

arceo: Latin word meaning — 'keeping away' or 'preventing'

This repo is hosted on Codeberg & mirrored to GitHub for traffic.

license: GPLv3 or Later