Nostr paid relay, but with Monero.
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Monero Nostr Paid Relay

A Nostr expensive relay paid with Monero and written in Go!


Nostr has no spam filters/control. With public relays, the global feed and public chat channels get filled with spam, making them unusable.

In order to avoid spam in your feed, you pay a small fee (~$1) to a relay. Your pubkey gets whitelisted in that relay, and then you are able to publish events there. Reading from these relays is always free for everyone! This allows getting much more curated and clean results in the global page.

Also, paid relays can build up communities of users interested in particular topics, allowing users to follow relays based on their interests.

TLDR; Pay-to-relay to avoid nostr spammers.

Self-hosting instructions

How does it work?

Users go to the paywall frontend, enter their pubkey either in npub or hex format, and pay a small fee in Monero. Once paid, their pubkey gets added to the whitelist database.

The relay, which is a nostr-rs-relay connects to a gRPC server. Every event publication request it receives will ask for authorization to the gRPC server. This gRPC server only allows pubkeys that appear in the whitelist database. All events from any other users will get rejected.

The payment management is made using the moneropay open source project.

I have developed the paywall (UI + server logic) and the gRPC server.

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XMR: 8C3qqu5hggKBtfN9q5E9fqjCY6FhJFEAeCdAa3sWSgLWbZHpsabPmhBXk5GtGY8duKNQSgkwGgcBvfPwsQVdsBEZ4PBbJw7