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KYC? Not me!

Please read the about page :)


Listing request

The first KYCNOTME version was quite a chaos and a lot of disorder when proposing new services. It reached a point where I couldn't handle all the listing requests so I stepped away for a while. Listing requests will be a bit different now.

If you want to propose or ask for a service to be listed you must follow these steps:

  1. Fill the following e-mail body (your text must replace the curly braces):
{SERVICE NAME} listing request.


Why should it be listed: 

Evidence of NO-KYC practices (images, text, links, etc.):

Have you used the service? If possible provide evidence.

How was your experience?

  1. Generate a JSON code for your listing. If it's an Exchange use this link. If it is a Service use this link. And replace the {GENERATED JSON} with it.
  2. Send an e-mail with the request to the following direction:
  • request [at] kycnot [dot] me

IMPORTANT: All emails that do not follow these guidelines will be filtered and ignored.

Delisting request

  1. Fill the following e-mail body:
{SERVICE NAME} delisting request.

Why shouldn't it be listed:

  1. Send an e-mail with the request to the following direction:
  • request [at] kycnot [dot] me

Ideas, feature requests and donations

For ideas and feature requests just open a new issue and it will be discussed.

For donations visit this site. Thank you very much for considering donating, it helps me a lot paying server and domain costs :)

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