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Create and manage anonymous feeds in Nitter with a simple, fast web interface.

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What is this

Feetter allows you to create Twitter feeds using the alternative private frontend Nitter. You only need a randomly generated username to use Feetter. No account and no personal data is required.

You can create multiple feeds up to 30 users, it uses the Nitter "multifeed" option to create your feeds. Feetter is just a nice way to manage these feeds and have them synced in any device you want.


  • Create and manage Nitter feeds.
  • Save tweets via URL and display them
  • Directly visit your Nitter feeds.
  • Create as many feeds as you like.
  • Lightweight and fast.
  • No JS, No Cookies, No tracking.
  • No registration: just a randomly generated username.
  • Multiplatform, syncs everywhere.
  • Optimized for small screens.


Local run (dev)

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Install python3 and python dependencies from requirements.txt
  3. mkdir data
  4. Run sanic feetter.app
  5. Visit


With Docker (production)

This run uses Gunicorn, so it is instance-ready. Docker commands may require to use sudo

  1. Install docker.
  2. Create the data directory (e.g. mkdir -p /path/to/feetter/data)
  3. Pull the image: docker pull pluja/feetter
  4. Run the container:
  • docker run -p 1333:1111 -v /path/to/feetter/data:/app/data --name feetter -d pluja/feetter
  1. Visit http://localhost:1337/ and enjoy :)


  • Run docker pull pluja/feetter
  • Run docker stop feetter
  • Run docker rm feetter
  • Run docker run -p 1333:1111 -v /path/to/feetter/data:/app/data --name feetter -d pluja/feetter


  • Delete a feed
  • Edit a feed: Add users
  • Edit a feed: Remove users
  • Optimize for small screens.
  • Export data as json file
  • Edit a feed: Change name
  • Import data from json file
  • Autodelete empty users
  • Display feed tweets in app from rss (less data)

Built with

Python HTML Sanic Jinja2


Public Instances

Instance Server
feetter.r3d.red 🇩🇪