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Pixelcode's Standard Licence



All copyrights of the respective repository (except for the imported software named in the respective section "License") fully belong to me, Pixelcode.

  • properly name me (Pixelcode) as the original author
  • provide a link to the respective repo
  • don't suggest a connection/relationship/affiliation etc. of you and me which actually doesn't exist
  • don't monetize or sell my software, applications etc. in any way (no advertisements, campaigns, sales, offers etc.)
  • respect the user's privacy
  • don't use third-party tracking tools like Google Analytics
  • protect the user's security (actively avoid security vulnerabilities)
  • don't weaken the software's security
  • don't deceive the user
  • don't use my software to break the law of the European Union or the Federal Republic of Germany
  • don't do bad things
  • pet your pet
  • destroy the Death Star

The user's privacy

Do not gather, spread or send any user data (to third parties) using or regarding my software when it is not absolutely necessary, e.g. for technical reasons. Never ever abuse the user's data for marketing, advertisement or profit in general. Comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation. Do not send any user data (regardless of the user's consent) to

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Zoom
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Baidu
  • Yandex
  • VK
  • any company that is known to disregard/exploit their users' privacy

or any of their subsidiaries if it is not absolutely necessary.

Private usage

Do whatever you want with my code as long as it's privately done and doesn't involve any other people.


You may use my code freely for self-hosting web services like Online Text Encryptor if you don't change the respective source code significantly. Significant changes is everything concerning the purpose, security and fundamental features of the service as well as the user's privacy.


The following rules apply if you want to significantly change the source code of a web service or if you want to fork my source code. Forking means that you provide your own adaption of my source code.

  • Your fork has to be open-source too (publish the complete source code including all the changes and additions you made).
  • Make your version clearly distinguishable from the original by changing its name, logo and/or design etc.
  • State clearly that you're responsible for your own changes, not me.
  • Copy important warnings, notes, information etc. from the original if they apply to your version in order to keep the user informed about all the important stuff.

No liability, guarantee or warranty

The users themselves are responsible for the proper use of the software. I accept no liability for possible damage caused by the software and cannot provide any warranty or guarantee. The respective third party provider is solely responsible for the content of third parties to which I refer.

Blanket rules for certain users


Anyone who is not on the greylist and not on the blacklist may use my source code according to the above rules.


Anyone on the following greylist needs my, Pixelcode's, explicit written authorization to use any of my pieces of software. The above general rules do not apply for them.

  • any state government authority
  • any legislative state authority except the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • any judicial state authority except the Federal Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • any heads of state except the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • any military forces
  • any politicians, political organizations, political parties or people who intend to use my source code for political purposes (in most cases, this does not apply for civil rights organizations like EFF or Digitalcourage)
  • any former political parties/organizations, former politicians or people who used to contribute to political parties or organizations


Anyone on the following blacklist is completely banned from using my source code. They will NOT get my authorization.

  • any state authorities, military forces or intelligence services of
    • North Korea
    • the so-called People's Republic of China
    • Russia
    • Syria
    • Belarus
    • Iran
    • Turkey
    • the United Arab Emirates
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Lybia
    • Chad
    • the Central African Republic
    • the "Democratic" Republic of the Congo
    • the United States of America
    • any state with 5 points or less on the Democracy Index
    • any state with a score of 50 or less on the Freedom in the World List
    • any state with 50 points or more on the Press Freedom Index
  • anyone who has ever voluntarily worked for / supported any of the authorities, military forces or intelligence services of the states listed above
  • anyone who has ever attempted or committed an attack on the continuity of the free democratic basic order of a state
  • Donald Trump, former US president (and Rudy Giuliani)
  • anyone who (intends to) actively and significantly support(s) anyone on the blacklist in any way


The use of the software (both application and source code) is mandatorily subject to these licence conditions.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact me via Please see my contact page too.