Firefox addon to encrypt text securely and easily with AES
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Text Encryptor

Text Encryptor is a simple Firefox addon which lets you encrypt text securely and easily.


This addon encrypts your confidential text using AES, the most secure encryption algorithm in the world. No-one is able to crack it within a lifetime not even the police or NSA!

Use cases

  • encrypt your private notes
  • send your banking details unmonitored to a friend who uses WhatsApp only sigh
  • store your passwords on your PC without exposing them to hackers

Text Encryptor

  • doesn't track you
  • doesn't store, send or upload your inputs anywhere
  • is ad-free
  • is Free and Ethical software


Before encrypting After encrypting Dark mode


Translation status

Thanks to @mondstern (translator-in-chief) for his many translations! ❤️

Do you speak another language fluently? Then consider translating Text Encryptor on Weblate.

How to encrypt text?

Enter your plaintext and choose a secure password. Then, click on "Encrypt".

How to decrypt text?

Click on the "Decrypt" button above. Enter your ciphertext and the corresponding password used to encrypt it. Then, click on "Decrypt".

I have forgotten the password

Sorry, it's not possible to recover your data without the correct password. If I wanted to add such a feature, this would destroy AES' security and give hackers the opportunity to easily crack your data.

Why do my inputs disappear each time I close the popup?

If I wanted to let you keep your inputs I'd have to store them on your computer which is a big risk.

"There was an error"

If Text Encryptor tells you that there was an error, there's something wrong with the data you've entered. Check for spelling mistakes and try it again.

Where to report bugs?

Feel free to open a new issue.

May I contribute?

Sure! Pull requests fixing bugs and closing issues are always welcome.

Rate Text Encryptor

Also, you can write a review on Mozilla (you need a Firefox account).

Where does the encryption algorithm come from?

AES was created by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen. Evan Vosberg has implemented it in a JavaScript library called CryptoJS. Fortunately it is FOSS so that other programs like Text Encryptor can use it. Thanks, Evan!

⚠️ Dangers

Insecure Passwords

MOST IMPORTANTLY you have to make sure you use secure passwords in order to encrypt your plaintext securely! Insecure passwords can't protect your private data at all!

Secure passwords

  • are as long as possible, at least 30 characters
  • consist of letters, digits, symbols and spaces
  • contain real words as well as gibberish
  • do NOT contain private details like forenames, lastnames, birthdates, pets' names, phone numbers etc. because hackers could just guess them for example by checking your social media profiles.

The fact that the weak password warning in the addon's popup disappears does not automatically mean that the password is strong!

Never ever use passwords like '12345' or 'pizza'!

Compromised machine

Don't use Text Encryptor on a compromised computer (e.g. infected by a virus) because then the 'bad guys' can spy on you and get your private data before you encrypt it. AES can't protect your private data if hackers spy on your keyboard!

Too sensitive data

Don't use Text Encryptor if your private data is so sensitive that its illegitimate decryption is a danger to your life or that of the public. Don't use Text Encryptor if you are a whistleblower. You may still use Text Encryptor if it should just add an extra layer of security to an already existing secure encryption. You just shouldn't rely on Text Encryptor.

So is Text Encryptor not secure after all?

Yes, it is secure due to AES. But there might be some so-called implementation errors (we programmers aren't perfect, you know) which is why you should always combine multiple encryption tools and algorithms.

So: Do use Text Encryptor as a part of several encryption layers but do not rely on it itself if you or your data are particularly vulnerable. Okay?


Text Encryptor uses CrypoJS created by Evan Vosberg (brix). It may be used according to the MIT license. Thank you, Evan!

Text Enryptor uses jQuery according to the MIT Licence.

Text Encryptor uses Font Awesome icons according to the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

You may use Text Encryptor's source code according to the For Good Eyes Only Licence v0.2. Do not re-use TextEncryptor's name, logos, icons, banners and previews.

All versions of Text Encryptor are licensed under v0.2, which replaces v0.1 under which Text Encryptor was previously licensed. v0.1 is therefore void for any versions of Text Encryptor.