This Firefox addon lets you open several URLs with one click. No tracking, no ads.
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Auto Tab Opener

Auto Tab Opener is a simple Firefox addon that allows you to open multiple URLs at once and to store them locally.

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Use Auto Tab Opener for example if you have several social media pages open all the time and don't want to open them manually every time you restart Firefox or your computer. After the restart you only have to click "open" because Auto Tab Opener saves all your URLs locally right after you enter them.


Popup Options page Right-clicking on link
Screenshot popup Screenshot options Screenshot context menu


Translation status

Thanks to @mondstern (translator-in-chief) for his many translations!

Do you speak another language fluently? Then consider translating Auto Tab Opener via Weblate!

How to add new websites

  • In the addon’s popup: Enter URL and click on icon
  • In the addon’s popup: Click on Add current website button
  • On any website: Right-click on link and select Add to Auto Tab Opener

Supported URLs

Example Explanation leaving out the protocol is okay adding the protocol is also okay both HTTP and HTTPS are okay sub-domains are okay too

URLs not supported

Example Explanation
example missing top-level domain
about:about internal Firefox pages
file://example.html local files

Remove URLs

To remove a URL, simply click the corresponding minus icon. You can delete all websites by clicking on the “Reset” in the options under about:addons.

How to pin the tabs

If you want to pin a tab, click the pin icon in front of the respective URL's input field.

How to do a backup

If you want to export your URLs to a backup file go to Auto Tab Opener's about:addons page and click on "Settings". There you can export and restore your URLs.

How to report a bug

Simply open a new issue and explain what happened (you need a Codeberg account).

Rate Auto Tab Opener

Also, you can write a review on Mozilla (you need a Firefox account).


You may use Auto Tab Opener's source code according to the For Good Eyes Only Licence v0.2. Don't re-use its name, logos, icons or banners.

All versions of Auto Tab Opener are licensed under v0.2, which replaces v0.1 under which Auto Tab Opener was previously licensed. v0.1 is therefore void for any versions of Auto Tab Opener.

jQuery: Auto Tab Opener uses jQuery according to the MIT Licence. © Copyright OpenJS Foundation and other contributors,

Font Awesome: Auto Tab Opener uses Font Awesome icons according to the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.