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What is this?

pf-kernel is a desktop-oriented Linux kernel fork. Its name is by no means related to BSD Packet Filter. "pf" stands for "post-factum", the author's nickname.

Join official #pfkernel channel @ Libera.Chat IRC and official Matrix room: #pf-kernel:envs.net.

OK, what's there in your patchset?

Currently, pf-kernel incorporates:

As you may see, it improves interactiveness and performance, saves some memory and fixes nasty bugs.

How to get it?

The full list of all the releases, including the latest one, is available here.

But I want binary builds!

There are Arch Linux official binaries available for some architectures (64-bit only):

Where is Fedora, Gentoo etc?

Some unofficial packages are maintained here:

Please don't ask me to fix or update them, I just host some links. But if you know that some other distributions also support pf-kernel, let me know.

I saw linux-pf package in AUR, is it supported?

No, since it is maintained by other people. But I still leave some links to it here:

I have some idea for you!

Please, let me know.


GPLv2 says: this program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Keep this in mind.