Follow price of Monero. No JavaScript.
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Simple website for following the price of Monero.

  • No JavaScript or ads
  • Lightweight, no unnecessary stuff
  • Self-hostable

Uses the CoinGecko API under the hood.

XMR: 832ogRwuoSs2JGYg7wJTqshidK7dErgNdfpenQ9dzMghNXQTJRby1xGbqC3gW3GAifRM9E84J91VdMZRjoSJ32nkAZnaCEj

Self-hosting, installation

  1. Install Node.js.

  2. Clone and set up the repository.

    git clone
    cd xmrprise
    npm install --no-optional
    cp src/config.js.template src/config.js # edit the config file to suit your environment
    npm start

xmrprise should now be running.