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Hi! We're the Orchid system, artists formerly known as wafflecoffee and Emmaffle. Generally speaking, we tend to cause problems, despite being well-intentioned (most of the time).

You might know us for having a whole spiel of roles in helping run Modrinth and formerly QuiltMC, both since late 2021 or so. Minecraft modding (and peripheral projects) is what most of our free time tends to be devoted to. That's how we learned Java and Rust 🦀.

We love contributing code to open source projects! If you've ever played a modded Minecraft instance on 1.19+, you've run a bit of code written by us!

Μιλάμε ελληνικά σ' επίπεδο Β1, αλλά αγγλικά είναι η μητρική μας γλώσσα.

Code preferences

  • Tend to prefer Zlib license
  • Formerly used 2-space indentation, but now using tabs. Learn why.
  • One-line if, for, and while statements when feasible
  • Annotations go on the same line for parameters and fields

Modrinth Codeberg GitHub

Discord server



Laptop - System76 Gazelle OS - EndeavourOS DE - KDE Plasma CPU - Intel Core i7-12700H GPU - nVIDIA RTX 3050

Mobile - Google Pixel 7