A Gemini Protocol client that'll run on any Android device no matter how old.
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A Gemini Protocol client that'll run on any Android device no matter how old:

  • There are no dependencies (There is now one dependency, see Conscrypt below)
  • It's written in Java
  • The compiled .apk is around 55Kb (well, it was, adding the Conscrypt library has made it over 3mb!)
  • .apk export compiles in under 5 seconds
  • There are no code patterns, and it's been a while since I last coded Java
  • This is an experiment

For a full-featured Android client try Phaedra's bigger sibling: Ariane


The only thing stopping the first wave of Android devices from 2008 browsing Geminispace is that their TLS versions and crypto suites will be hopelessly outdated. Adding the Conscrypt library adds support for newer TLS on devices running Gingerbread (API 9) and newer. That still leaves Android 1.0, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, and Froyo unable to access Geminispace without a change in the Gemini Protocol.


European Union Public Licence v. 1.2