Overview over research into data model.
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openEngiadina: Research into data model

This is a high-level overview of research into a data model conducted as part of the openEngiadina project.


The research is split into multiple (reusable) parts:

Content-addressable RDF
A scheme for making RDF data content-addressable by defining a grouping of RDF terms as well as a canonical serialization of the grouping.
RDF Signify
A RDF vocabulary for cryptographically signing content-addressed content using the ED25519 algorithm.
Encoding for Robust Immutable Storage (ERIS)
An encoding that allows secure and robust content-addressing.
ERIS Cache
An extension to the W3C PROVenance Interchange Ontology to describe the Activity of content-addressed caching with the ERIS encoding.
Distributed Mutable Containers
Distributed Containers based on CRDTs that allow mutation by holders of appropriate secret-keys.

Most parts have a reference (and experimental) Guile implementation and can be used as Guile libraries. There are also two general-purpose Guile libraries:

A Guile wrapper to the libsodium cryptography library.
A Guile library for RDF and Semantic Web.
A Datalog implementation in Guile (currently embedded in guile-schemantic).

Following graph describes the dependencies (solid edge denotes "is dependency of", dotted edge "is optional dependency of"):



Research is being implemented in the openEngiadina application GeoPub.

Work on ERIS is continuing independantly. There is a mailing list where development is discussed.

Work on DMC is continuing within the DREAM project.