A minimal webring service written in C with the Mongoose embedded webserver library.
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  • A webring daemon written with the Mongoose web server library


  • gcc
  • libc6-dev


  • clone this repo in /var/www or wherever really
  • make
  • use the systemd file to run it
  • setup the nginx file to have it proxied


  • edit list.txt with the webring members domain names (https:// not needed)
  • edit the port number or protocol in main.c


This program produces three main pages for use as links:

  • /next -- Go to the next site in the webring (from whichever site you are linked from).

  • /prev -- Go to the previous site in the webring.

  • /rand -- Go to a random site in the webring.

  • / -- The index should be served as a static folder directly by nginx.

If linked to /next or /prev without a HTTP referer in the webring, they will function like /rand.