A sitemap of your personal network.
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Dynamic Discovery Directories

A simple solution to site discovery. Build networks by choosing who you endorse. Everyone owns their data.

Simple means:

  • No Javascript
  • No Cryptocurrency/NFT
  • No Databases
  • Scalable, Extensible, and Machine Readable

Follow these steps to become discoverable:

  1. Grab the example json file
  2. Check out the docs
  3. Modify it with your data
  4. Serve that file from your.website/.well-known/discover
  5. Feel free to test your setup by visiting: https://tomfasano.net/discover.html?url=your.website

How do I run the client on my website?

  1. Install dependencies: apt install -yy fcgiwrap jq curl
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Navigate to your webroot
  4. Make a subdirectory for the client script, mkdir cgi-bin. (The name doesn't matter)
  5. Copy the client script into this folder
  6. chmod +x client and chown www-data:www-data client
  7. Copy the css file into your webroot.
  8. Add the nginx config snippet to your website's config in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/your.website
  9. nginx -t and systemctl restart nginx

Now go to your.website/discover.html You should see your json file displayed as a webpage, as well as previews of other people's sites you chose to connect with.

It's recommended to use a json linter before publishing your data


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