An unofficial “odd-jobbed rankings” for MapleLegends
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Unofficial “odd-jobbed rankings”

This “rankings” is almost certainly riddled with errors, inaccuracies, and missing information, and should be treated as such. This is just for informal use, so please don’t take it too seriously. The levels of the characters listed here are fetched directly from the official MapleLegends rankings via a shitty Python script.

Because the impetus of this “rankings” was the formation of groups for bossing/PQing, only off-island characters are represented here. In addition, to make the “rankings” actually maintainable, characters who have not yet achieved level 45 are not represented here either. Supposedly, only active players (“player” should be distinguished from “player character”) are represented here.

“IGN” stands for “in-game name”. The “name” entries are mostly for discerning when two or more characters are controlled by the same player. The names, I’ve done on a best-effort basis, and some of them are just Discord identifiers (which, it should be noted, can be changed at more or less any time, for any reason).

Unknown or uncertain information is denoted by a question mark (“?”).

*Not a member of Suboptimal.

IGN name level job(s) guild
Otios Wout 135 STRginner Flow
LawdHeComin JunkyardBat 130 F/P archgish Oddjobs
rusa deer 125 darksterity knight Oddjobs
cervid deer 124 STR bishop Oddjobs
capreolina deer 123 woodsmaster Oddjobs
Tacgnol Kelsey 121 F/P archgishlet Oddjobs
LoneW0lf1600 LoneWolf1600 110 STRginner Flow
cervine deer 108 I/L magelet Oddjobs
Taima Kelsey 107 STRginner Oddjobs
Gumby Jonathan 105 STRginner Flow
Permanovice Red 102 STRginner GangGang*
OmokTeacher Noam 101 STRginner Flow
ducklings joyce 99 STRginner DuckNation*
Outside Tab 96 STRginner Flow
Boymoder Kelsey 92 STRmit Oddjobs
hydropotina deer 91 swashbuckler Oddjobs
alces deer 91 daggermit Oddjobs
Cortical Andrew Tran 90 STRginner Flow
xX17Xx mae 88 permarogue Oddjobs
MeikoHonma Meiko 87 STRginner Renaissance*
Cowbelle Belle 87 STRginner Homies*
gogigagagigo boop 86 permarcher Oddjobs
GishGallop Andrew Tran 85 I/L gish Oddjobs
Ismezin Zin 84 STRginner Flow
rangifer deer 76 pugilist (marauder) Oddjobs
Daddyo Hunter 76 STRginner [none]*
panolia deer 76 permarogue Oddjobs
Rort Lin 75 STRginner Flow
Phoneme Andrew Tran 74 permamagician Victoria
d34r deer 74 dagger spearwoman (vicloc) Victoria
Celim Marcelo 73 STRginner Flow
Keppet Rapskal 73 daggermit Oddjobs
drainer mae 72 STRginner Flow
Hanyou Kelsey 72 DEX WK Oddjobs
Furbs Sword Furb 66 STRginner WindowsXP*
justbegin ? 65 STRginner GangGang*
BeginnersEnd Ben 63 STRginner Flow
Medulla Andrew Tran 62 dagger fighter Oddjobs
Swathelby Swathelby 60 STRginner Flow
JanitorPedro Pedro_ 56 STRginner Flow
Slimusaurus Noam 55 besinner [none]*
L0neW0lf16OO LoneWolf1600 55 besinner Oddjobs
Battlesage Red 55 F/P gish Oddjobs
Copo Marcelo 54 permapirate Oddjobs
hashishi deer 53 besinner Oddjobs
HPdit RyeBread 53 blood bandit Oddjobs
Numidium Kelsey 52 STR cleric Oddjobs
Gambolpuddy Kelsey 50 DEXginner Oddjobs
sorts deer 50 DEX brawler (LPQ mule) Pals*
attackattack mae 50 DEX page Oddjobs
doiob doiob 49 STR cleric Oddjobs
Sommer Marcelo 49 punchbuckler Oddjobs
d33r deer 49 clericlet (vicloc) Victoria
BowerStrike Andrew Tran 48 bow-whacker Oddjobs
FairRow FairRow 47 STRginner Oddjobs
ScrubDaddy Scrub 46 STRginner Oddjobs
HPdagger Charles 45 blood dagger fighter Oddjobs
Monc Monc 45 permamagician Oddjobs