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oblitum's dotfiles


Actual dotfiles reside in OS-specific branches, the default docs branch serves for documentation. The archlinux branch is used as reference dotfiles for other systems. Cloning should be like:

cd ~
git clone --no-checkout --branch archlinux https://codeberg.org/oblitum/dotfiles.git
mv dotfiles/.git .
rmdir dotfiles
git status
git reset --hard origin/archlinux
git config status.showUntrackedFiles no


The wallpaper is dynamically generated by a python wallpaper script, which updates every 30s and can be activated by a systemd user unit. It's drawn with pycairo, pscircle and fractalnow.


Coding is done in NeoVim nightly configured in Lua with a monolithic init.lua.


The overall colors of the desktop and status bars can all be synced with the current lualine theme through the sync.lua script (e.g. :lua require('sync').colors(0.95) from NeoVim).


Language server protocol is handled by coc.nvim, as it's the one that currently offers the best balance of features, stability and uncomplicated configurability (NeoVim nightly provides enough instability for me). Here, it's not configured from coc-settings.json, it's all done from init.lua.