vb aka VoidGNU/Linux: Operation System for desktop on top of awesome Void and 64bit
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vb readme


Welcome our website

  We used arch BTW :D

vb aka VoidGNU/Linux

Operation System for desktop on top of excellent Void and 64bit

void linux

What is void linux?

you don't know?

you can try online

  1. open distrotest

  2. choose desired desktop and click >start<

vb aka GNU/Linux installer and manager

dependencies: bash , curl and mtools

optional: fzf , gparted and xtools(xcheckrestart)

If you want to contribute, fork this repository...

or from terminal:

git clone https://codeberg.org/oSoWoSo/vb-scripts

If you want try vb aka GNU/Linux or vb installator/manager

in terminal:

wget https://codeberg.org/oSoWoSo/vb-scripts/raw/branch/main/vb.sh && chmod +x vb.sh


curl https://codeberg.org/oSoWoSo/vb-scripts/raw/branch/main/vb.sh -o vb.sh && chmod +x vb.sh




Help me make it better if you can!



Download vb-linux







First release! 02.02.2022 version Alpha 0.1

Expect bugs, not finished features and a lot incoming changes...

Void linux is best linux distribution out there.

With one exception. Not that easy for linux or computer begginers.

(like could be)

What about Project Trident ?

Project Trident sadly heading to the end.

Looks like nothing based on void anywhere ...

I admire hard work of void developers and contributors

A lot of distribution based on debian or arch ...

And here I came ...

Void is first linux distribution which is still easy to understand and manage.

Together with enough recent versions of packages and stability.

So let's endorse void a bit ...



I am starting community project ...


  • build start point.
  • you can call it void begginer friendly overlay
  • full-featured desktop operation system for anyone.

How ?

You didn't know void yet don't you?


  • provide installation media
  • provide this website
  • provide community repository called simply VUR
  • thanks to unix and KISS principle

Why ?

  • because a lot of usefull apps can't be merged into void repos.
  • (for good reasons)
  • help promote excellent void linux
  • help promote privacy, security and federation
  • help promote GNU/linux and FOSS in general
  • help create FOSS world bigger
  • because we can
  • learn more
  • have fun


  • And show everyone that noob like me can create working linux distribution from void linux

Interested ?


zenobit from oSoWoSo

merry christmas


FOSS project licensed under EUPL 1.2