Configs and settings for the PinePhone Keyboard
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SWMO Configs and Modified xkb files from Undef

The |\£€~-=_+ section of the top row can be accessed using AltG + top row keys. This is set in the xkb settings which were upstreamed by Undef. This was added in version xkeyboard-conf version > 2.35.1

XKB Source Information - and,

Phosh Information -
See the following:

SWMO/Sway Information -
See changes in PinePhone_Keyboard/xkb/0001-sway-config.patch for ppkb xkb modification. Need to add this to your sway config under $HOME/.config/sxwm/sway. See the patch notes at the start for information that I have found. I have added the code from the patch below:

input "0:0:PinePhone_Keyboard" {
       xkb_layout us
       xkb_model ppkb
       xkb_options lv3:ralt_switch

General XKB Information -
See the following for US layout issues, us(intl) works out of the box but the ' turns into an accent for letters:

Use the files located in rules and symbols directories to confirm that the ppkb settings for xkb are in your local files

Check the following locations:
/usr/share/X11/xkb/(rules or symbols)
Against the same named files in the directories that follow.

This can be checked by using the tool diff on the your local files against the above, using the script, or you can inspect the files by hand.