Autoconfiguration script for Artix Linux Runit
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System Configurator


The goal of this project is to install and auto-configure a minimal and terminal-oriented system based on Artix Linux Runit.

Default software:

Window Manager - bspwm
Shell - zsh
Browser - Firefox
Terminal - termite
File Manager - Thunar
Text Editor - neovim
Software Launcher - rofi
System Bar - XFCE4-Panel
Theme - arc-dark
Wallpapers - nitrogen
Backlight - acpilight
Book Reader - zathura
Music Player - cmus
Video Player - mpv
Image Viewer - sxiv
Firewall - ufw
AUR Helper - aura


  1. Make sure, that NetworkManager is installed and running.
  2. Make sure, that git is installed.
  3. Run the following in terminal:
    git clone
    cd sysconf

    That's it.