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Merged draft

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name status date created date finalized discussion(s)
dNIP-00: Thread closed 2023-11-13
NIP-01: Basic protocol flow description draft 2020-11-15 PR635
NIP-02: Contact List and Petnames final 2020-12-07 2022-11-22
NIP-03: OpenTimestamps Attestations for Events draft 2020-12-28
NIP-04: Encrypted Direct Message final 2021-02-14 2022-11-22
NIP-05: Mapping Nostr keys to DNS-based internet identifiers final 2021-06-17 2022-11-22
NIP-06: Basic key derivation from mnemonic seed phrase draft 2021-12-11
NIP-07: window.nostr capability for web browsers draft 2022-05-06 PR858
NIP-08: Handling Mentions unrecommended, see NIP-27 2022-01-21
NIP-09: Event Deletion draft 2021-12-30 PR539
NIP-10: Conventions for clients' use of e and p tags in text events draft 2022-05-04
NIP-11: Relay Information Document draft 2022-01-14 PR889
uNIP-11a: Additional Relay Information for NIP-11 draft 2023-01-09
NIP-13: Proof of Work draft 2022-05-06
NIP-14: Subject tag in text events. draft 2022-05-24
NIP-15: Nostr Marketplace (for resilient marketplaces) draft 2022-05-26 PR853, PR859
NIP-16: Event Treatment final 2022-05-26 2023-08-13
uNIP-17: Code Collaboration draft 2023-05-26
uNIP-17: Event Metadata draft 2023-06-13
dNIP-17: Tracking Git Commits with Nostr draft 2023-03-05
dNIP-17: NIPs over Nostr draft 2023-08-08
NIP-18: Reposts draft 2023-01-02
dNIP-18: Private Direct Message draft 2023-07-08
NIP-19: bech32-encoded entities draft 2022-12-16 PR882
NIP-20: Command Results final 2022-11-10 2023-08-13
NIP-21: nostr: URL scheme draft 2023-01-25
NIP-22: Event created_at Limits draft 2022-07-22
NIP-23: Long-form Content draft 2023-02-03 PR856
NIP-24: Extra metadata fields and tags draft 2023-09-25 PR828, PR881
uNIP-24: Private Direct Messages and Small Group Chats draft 2023-07-28
NIP-25: Reactions draft 2022-07-30 PR855
NIP-26: Delegated Event Signing draft 2022-08-04
NIP-27: Text Note References draft 2022-08-16
NIP-28: Public Chat draft 2022-09-10
dNIP-29: Relay-based Groups draft 2023-05-28
dNIP-29: Time-Based Sync draft 2023-10-16
NIP-30: Custom Emoji draft 2023-04-29
dNIP-30: Resources draft 2022-08-29
NIP-31: Dealing with unknown event kinds draft 2023-05-05
uNIP-31: Incognito Direct Messages draft 2023-04-04
NIP-32: Labeling draft 2023-06-13 PR872, PR874, PR878
NIP-33: Parameterized Replaceable Events final 2023-01-04 2023-08-13 PR896
uNIP-34: Parameterized Versioned Events draft 2023-03-26
uNIP-34: Algorithmic Filter draft 2023-06-02
uNIP-34: Media Attachments draft 2023-08-29
uNIP-34: Wiki draft 2023-09-18
uNIP-35: Member List draft 2023-06-14
NIP-36: Sensitive Content draft 2022-12-01
uNIP-37: Remote signing of events draft 2022-12-02
uNIP-37: Language Tag draft 2023-07-02
uNIP-37: Methods for dealing with lost or compromised keys draft 2023-07-03
NIP-38: User Statuses draft 2023-08-25
uNIP-38: Encrypted Group Chat draft 2022-11-06
NIP-39: External Identities in Profiles draft 2023-03-09 PR854
NIP-40: Expiration Timestamp draft 2022-12-04
uNIP-41: Key Migration draft 2023-10-18 PR158
uNIP-41: Surveys / polls / quizzes draft 2022-12-22
uNIP-41: Poll & Vote Event draft 2023-01-05
dNIP-41: Stateless Unambiguous Key Invalidation draft 2023-04-15
NIP-42: Authentication of clients to relays draft 2023-01-02 PR841, PR571, PR846, PR891
uNIP-43: Bitcoin-Funded Public Keys to Prevent Spam draft 2023-01-03
uNIP-43: Fast Authentication draft 2023-05-29
uNIP-44: Geospatial Types draft 2022-12-30
uNIP-44: Encrypted Payloads (Versioned) draft 2023-08-27
NIP-45: Counting results draft 2023-04-05 PR842
NIP-46: Nostr Connect draft 2023-02-20 PR831, PR894
NIP-47: Wallet Connect draft 2023-03-29 PR685, PR792
dNIP-47: BIP-47 payment code notification draft 2023-01-10
NIP-48: Proxy Tags draft 2023-08-03
uNIP-48: multiple user encrypted message draft 2023-01-11
uNIP-49: Encrypted Private Key draft 2022-12-29
uNIP-49: Nostr Wallet Auth draft 2023-10-29
NIP-50: Keywords filter draft 2023-01-17
NIP-51: Lists draft 2023-03-09 PR880, PR786, PR559, PR673
NIP-52: Calendar Events draft 2023-08-01 PR856
NIP-53: Live Activities draft 2023-07-08
uNIP-53: Nostr-based domain registration system draft 2023-03-22
uNIP-54: Inline Resource Metadata draft 2023-05-12
uNIP-55: A universal relative web-of-trust reputation protocol... draft 2023-01-28
uNIP-55: Proxied NIP-05 Authentication draft 2023-02-27
NIP-56: Reporting draft 2023-02-07
NIP-57: Lightning Zaps draft 2023-02-13 PR544
NIP-58: Badges draft 2023-02-22
uNIP-59: Improved Direct Messages draft 2023-03-11
uNIP-59: Gift Wrap draft 2023-08-11
uNIP-60: Secure file load from URL draft 2023-03-22
dNIP-60: Zap Gates draft 2023-05-19
uNIP-61: Unbounded List draft 2023-09-17
dNIP-64: Chess draft 2023-02-01
NIP-65: Relay List Metadata draft 2023-02-02 Iss840, PR822, PR838
uNIP-66: Relay status and meta draft 2023-02-07
uNIP-66: Decimate draft 2023-02-21
uNIP-67: Event Replication Groups draft 2023-02-12
uNIP-68: Blinded Nostr Assets draft 2023-02-13
dNIP-69: Source Control Context draft 2023-02-05
uNIP-69: Zap Poll event draft 2023-03-02
uNIP-70: Collaborative Events draft 2023-03-27
NIP-72: Moderated Communities (Reddit Style) draft 2023-08-08 PR602, PR753, PR845, PR848, PR875
uNIP-73: Location Based Communities (Meetup Style) draft 2023-10-16
NIP-75: Zap Goals draft 2023-09-01 PR890
dNIP-76: Key Change draft 2023-09-15
uNIP-0077: Nostr Data Sharing URI Scheme draft 2023-05-02
dNIP-77: Trust Clock draft 2023-09-13
NIP-78: Application-specific data draft 2023-03-01
uNIP-79: Digital Contracts draft 2023-08-30
dNIP-80: Preventing False Tag Reference Matches draft 2023-03-16
dNIP-81: Relationship Status draft 2023-09-04
dNIP-82: Medical Data draft 2023-03-12
uNIP-83: Wallet connect/bridge draft 2023-04-12
NIP-84: Highlights draft 2023-05-05 PR501
dNIP-85: Reviews draft 2023-11-10
dNIP-86: Shared Keys draft 2023-11-10
dNIP-87: Closed Communities draft 2023-11-10
uNIP-88: Recurring Subscriptions draft 2023-11-05
NIP-89: Recommended Application Handlers draft 2023-06-07 PR884
uNIP-89: payto: Payment Targets draft 2023-02-15
uNIP-89: Bitcoin Transaction Package Relay draft 2023-04-26
NIP-90: Data Vending Machine draft 2023-07-25 PR682, PR823, PR850, PR860, PR873
uNIP-90: Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions draft 2023-05-03
uNIP-91: IoT sensors and intents draft 2023-10-11
dNIP-92: Rendezvous Beacons draft 2023-03-07
dNIP-93: Secret Events draft 2023-02-27
dNIP-93: NSON draft 2023-05-10
NIP-94: File Metadata draft 2023-04-20
uNIP-95: Storage and Shared File draft 2023-03-10 PR345
uNIP-96: HTTP File Storage Integration draft 2023-05-21
uNIP-96: Code Collaboration over Nostr draft 2023-06-21
dNIP-97: Event Recommendation Services draft 2023-05-03
uNIP-97: Files hosted on relay draft 2023-08-13
NIP-98: HTTP Auth draft 2023-05-08
NIP-99: Classified Listings draft 2023-07-13
dNIP-99: Prediction Markets draft 2023-05-11
uNIP-100: WebRTC draft 2023-03-13
uNIP-100: Querying Events by Tags Presence draft 2023-07-26
uNIP-100: Android Signer Application draft 2023-11-08
uNIP-100: Default Relay Port Standard withdrawn 2023-10-30
uNIP-101: Fix for stolen secret key problem draft 2023-03-21
uNIP-101: Algorithm Transition for Signatures and Encryption draft 2023-03-24
uNIP-101: Alias Key Exchange draft 2023-05-13
uNIP-101: Mailing lists draft 2023-08-01
uNIP-101: Enhancing Event Compression and Encoding Support draft 2023-08-19
uNIP-101: Descriptor Note draft 2023-11-19
dNIP-102: Private Event draft 2023-08-24
uNIP-103: Onion Routed Direct Messages draft 2023-05-04
dNIP-104: Generative AI Prompt draft 2023-07-03
uNIP-105: API Service Marketplace draft 2023-09-13
uNIP-106: Decentralized Web Hosting on Nostr draft 2023-10-10
uNIP-107: Nostr Internet of Things draft 2023-10-10
uNIP-108: Lightning Gated Notes draft 2023-10-17
uNIP-109: Pubkey Deletion draft 2023-03-17
uNIP-110: License Tag draft 2023-10-31
uNIP-111: Nostr-specific Private Keys from Deterministic Wallet Signatures draft 2023-02-18
dNIP-111: Accessibility (A11y) draft 2023-08-08
uNIP-112: Encrypted Group Events draft 2023-06-04
dNIP-117: Bounties draft 2023-11-04
uNIP-211: Info Triple Note draft 2023-11-19
uNIP-704: More private Encrypted Direct Messages draft 2023-04-10
uNIP-705: Republish Events by Peers draft 2023-04-10
uNIP-1078: Arbitrary custom app data draft 2023-07-14
uNIP-1317: Secure Communication with Deniability draft 2023-06-08
NIP-1971: Problems DRAFT 2023-09-16 PR867
uNIP-3166: Country code tag based on ISO-3166 draft 2023-09-04
uNIP-15750: Nostr Coinjoin Discovery draft 2023-03-22
uNIP-DID: Combining Nostr Keys and Decentralized Names draft 2023-02-21
uNIP-XX: Hierarchically-Deterministic-Authentication draft 2022-12-20
uNIP-XX: Proof of Freshness draft 2023-02-23
dNIP-XX: References to previous events draft 2023-05-29
dNIP-XX: Nostr Token Login draft 2023-09-23
uNIP-XXX/100: Nostr Groups draft 2023-04-28
uNIP-XXX: Order (BOLT12 payment protocol) draft 2023-07-04
dNIP-XXXX: messages specification for peer 2 peer draft 2023-03-29


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