setups my desktop environment from a debian netinst
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set VIDEO ( pgrep ffmpeg )
set AUDIO ( pgrep jack_capture )
set DATE (date +%Y%m%d)
set TIME (date +%Hh%M)
if test "$VIDEO" != "" && test "$AUDIO" != ""
killall ffmpeg
killall jack_capture
sleep 2
ffmpeg -i ~/Videos/screencast_temp.mkv -i ~/Videos/screencast_temp.wav -c:v copy -c:a libvorbis -shortest ~/Videos/screencast_$DATE-$TIME.mp4
else if test "$VIDEO" != ""
killall ffmpeg
sleep 2
mv ~/Videos/screencast_temp.mkv ~/Videos/screencast_$DATE-$TIME.mkv
else if test "$AUDIO" != ""
killall jack_capture
sleep 2
mv ~/Videos/screencast_temp.wav ~/Videos/jack_recording_$DATE-$TIME.wav