setups my desktop environment from a debian netinst
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set paths "system/nonde" "htdocs/nonmateria-ssg" "system/tools/nsketch" "system/tools/folderkit" "system/tools/scriptsuite" "lab/orca/repos/orca-snippets" "lab/scrapbook" "lab/deck"
set nothingtocommit "true"
for i in $paths
cd "$HOME/$i"
set repo_status (git status --ignore-submodules | sed -n 4p)
if test "$repo_status" = " (use \"git push\" to publish your local commits)"
echo "> $i"
set nothingtocommit "false"
else if test "$repo_status" != "nothing to commit, working tree clean"
echo "$i"
set nothingtocommit "false"
if test "$nothingtocommit" = "true"
echo "nothing to commit"