setups my desktop environment from a debian netinst
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nonde : nondesktop environment

This is basically a dotfile repo, a collection of files to set up my usual desktop enviroment (well, not based on the desktop metaphor) and a collection of scripts that i keep in my ~/bin. It uses a Debian 10 netinst as starting point.

The current setup is based on:

  • shell: fish
  • window manager: openbox
  • bar: tint2
  • system monitor: conky
  • launcher: rofi
  • terminal: terminator
  • text editor: micro
  • c compiler : clang
  • file manager: thunar
  • network management : network-manager
  • power management : xfce4-power-manager

Other essential program i use are:

  • sequencer : orca-c
  • sampler synth : folderkit
  • graphic scripting : nsketch
  • graphic editing : krita
  • photo postprocessing : darktable
  • scanning : xsane
  • audio editing : audacity
  • video editing : kdenlive
  • web browser: firefox-esr
  • video player : mpv
  • audio player : cmus
  • image viewer : gpicview
  • e-mail : thunderbird
  • rss feeder : liferea
  • instant messaging : telegram-desktop
  • live streaming : obs-studio
  • multi screen control : arandr
  • wallpaper management : nitrogen

The included theme has been generated with oomox.

The setup scripts are perennial alpha so DO NOT USE, just pick the confs you like.

Here is an example of the desktop, i mostly use 1px pixelperfect lines, click for fullscreen, illustration by Tsutomu Nihei
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Everything released into public domain.

Big thanks go to crunchbang, from which my own setup spawned as a personal take.