ORCΛ Esosampler Companion
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If you want to change some of the default settings for the sampler engine, you can put a settings.conf file in your samples root folder. This is totally optional.

You can assign a value in each line, with a parameter = value style,

This is an example settings.conf :

# anything can be a comment 
amp_attack_max_ms = 1000
amp_release_max_ms = 2000

reference_freq = 440

reverb_low_cut = 100

parameter names should begin at the line start, without any whitespace before :

# this would have no effect 
  amp_attack_max_ms = 1000

Parameters list

value default note
amp_attack_max_ms 1250 as explained in chapter 3
amp_release_max_ms 2500
mod_attack_max_ms 1250 more on mod envelopes in ch. 6
mod_release_max_ms 2500
delay_time_max_ms 3000 max time for the delay effects (more on ch.6)
slew_max_ms 500 max time for the gliding control (more on ch.6)
max_wave_length 1024 as explained in chapter 4
reference_freq 440 tuning frequency in hertz, default to A = 440hz
choke_fadeout_ms 5 when a new sample is triggered for each voice, the old will have a short fade
fade_on_offset_ms 5 when a sample is not played from the start, this sample will have a short fade
reverb_low_cut 20 low cut frequency for the IR Reverb, in hertz
drift_amount 0.0 enable drifting of the samplers frequency, value in semitones
sine_resolution 1024 FM operator sine wavetable size, in audio samples
fm_operators_gain -24.0 base volume in dB for the FM synth operators ( more on FM in ch.6 )
master_gain 0 gain control in dB for the master output
master_clipping -2.0 threshold in dB of a soft clip saturation applied to the main output, 0.0 deactivates it


You can group some sampler voices and have some gain and send control for those groups, by using those parameters:

value default note
group_voices ... creates a new group with the given voices
group_gain 0 group gain before the soft clip in dB, unused if group_clipping is 0
group_clipping 0 threshold for a soft clipper in dB, 0 for no clipping
group_makeup 0 group gain after the soft clip
group_send 0 group send to reverb
group_jack 0 creates extra jack channels for this group (dry signal output)

When you use a group_voices parameter, a new group is created with the given voices. The successive parameters will apply just to this group. For example

group_voices = all
group_makeup = 0
group_send = -24

group_voices = abcd
group_makeup = -12
group_send = -14

group_voices = nmjkl
group_gain = 6
group_clipping = -2
group_makeup = -12
group_send = -24

will create two groups, one with the voice with address /a /b /c /d and one with the voices /n /m /j /k /l, with different parameters.

A voice assigned by one group can be reassigned to successive group_voices assignation, and by default all the voices goes to the first group, so group_voices = all or group_voices = default or anything similar can be used at the top to define a default group for all the voices that are not in the others.

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