android accelerometer over OSC
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Processing sketch to use an android phone as accelerometer sensor over an OSC network. Remember to set up the right port and destination IP.

to be built needs:

  • Processing 3
  • in processing: the Android mode and the Ketai and oscP5 libraries

build steps:

  • connect the phone, check that is shown in the Android->Devices menu
  • open the sketch with processing and configure the settings at the top
  • run it on the device to install it (the first time will take a lot, as it will download gradle, the android emulator and the SDK, for 1.4 Gb of bloat)

when installed:

  • connect the phone to the same network of the receiving device
  • tap three times the screen to calibrate the center

more memos for myself:

  1. use '' to create hub
  2. connect phone to the hub, etherdelta is already set to the right IP
  3. messages are sent to port 5252 by default

License: Nicola Pisanti MIT License 2021