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<h1>Donation Methods</h1>
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<p>LocalCDN is free and open-source. If you like LocalCDN you can support continued development by making a donation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!</p>
<p><strong>Question:</strong> <em>Why are the donation options only displayed here and no longer on the website?</em><br/><strong>Answer:</strong> I think it is better if your public IP address is rarely listed in any server log files.</p>
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<h3>SEPA Bank Transfer</h3>
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<p class="mono-block">1C4GRNyuUFkp9dMDjUkV4TwDwdfxdgLzde</p>
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<p class="mono-block">0x2df49c1186f8b615c2059f29c3ed7f9f86d49552</p>
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<p class="mono-block">46j26ggSZNT9rN7VeFYXp2PsKEMyJSSYneBVKXY4xeemdfZfCpNg6tQEXQZpWiTTuGX3SbnDPwuh3167cCoYSrqN72H9jPk</p>
<img src="../images/monero.png" alt="Monero QR code"/>
<a href="monero:46j26ggSZNT9rN7VeFYXp2PsKEMyJSSYneBVKXY4xeemdfZfCpNg6tQEXQZpWiTTuGX3SbnDPwuh3167cCoYSrqN72H9jPk?tx_description=LocalCDN">Open in Wallet</a>
<li><strong>Why no PayPal?</strong> I hope this question is not serious. 🙂 If it does: PayPal shares the data collected from customers with over 600 other companies.</li>
<li><strong>Why no Patreon?</strong> Have you ever analyzed the website with Webbkoll? The trackers/cookies from Facebook, Twitter and Google integrated there do not harmonise with LocalCDN.</li>
<li><strong>Why no Liberapay?</strong> Liberapay only offers Stripe and PayPal as a payout method. I don't have a PayPal account (and don't want one). The website of Stripe is also full of third party providers.</li>
<li><strong>You know of a donation option that is privacy friendly?</strong> Then send me an e-mail please.</li>