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Fixed: WebFontLoader (#139)
5 days ago
algoliasearch/3.35.1 Added AlgoliaSearch v3.35.1 6 months ago
anchor-js Added: AnchorJS v3.2.2 & v4.2.2 (#104) 1 month ago
angucomplete-alt/3.0.0 Added AnguComplete v3.0.0 6 months ago
angular-bootstrap-colorpicker/3.0.32 Added Angular Bootstrap Colorpicker v3.0.32 JS&CSS (#37) 4 months ago
angular-material/1.1.21 Added AngularJS Material Design v1.1.21 4 months ago
angular-payments/1.0.7 Added Angular Payments v1.0.7 (#71) 5 months ago
angular-stripe-checkout/5.1.0 Angular Stripe Checkout v5.1.0 (#71) 5 months ago
angular-translate/2.7.2 Added: AngularJS Translate v2.7.2 (#107) 1 month ago
angular-ui-bootstrap Added Angular UI Bootstrap v0.10.0 (#37) 4 months ago
angular-ui-router Added AngularUI Router v0.4.3 (#71) 5 months ago
angular-ui-select/0.20.0 Added AngularJS ui-select v0.20.0 6 months ago
angular-ui-utils/0.1.1 Added Angular UI Utils v0.1.1 (#37) 4 months ago
angularjs Updated: AngularJS v1.3.15 -> v1.3.20 (#107) 1 month ago
angularjs-slider/6.7.0 Added AngularJS Slider v6.7.0 6 months ago
angularjs-toaster Fixed error in AngularJS Toaster v0.4.18 (#71) 5 months ago
animate.css/3.7.2 Fixed #28 and #44 6 months ago
autocomplete.js/0.37.1 Added autocomplete.js v0.37.1 (#11) 4 months ago
axios/0.20.0 Added: Axios v0.20.0 (#114) 1 month ago
backbone.js Updated: Backbone.js (v1.4.0) 7 months ago
baguettebox.js/1.11.1 Added: baguetteBox.js v1.11.1 (#100) 1 month ago
bootbox.js/4.4.0 Added BootboxJS v4.4.0 4 months ago
bootstrap Updated: Bootstrap v4.5.0 -> v4.5.3 (#135) 1 week ago
bootstrap-3-typeahead/4.0.2 Added Bootstrap 3 Typeahead v4.0.2 4 months ago
bootstrap-datepicker/1.9.0 Locales for Bootstrap Datepicker v1.9.0 added 4 months ago
bootstrap-daterangepicker/2.1.27 Added Bootstrap Daterangepicker v2.1.27 6 months ago
bootstrap-select/1.13.17 Added Bootstrap-Select JS v1.13.17 5 months ago
bootstrap-slider/10.6.2 Fixed #28 and #44 6 months ago
bootstrap-toggle/2.2.2 Added: Bootstrap Toggle v2.2.2 (#90) 2 months ago
chart.js/2.9.3 Added Chart.js (JS-Bundle & CSS) v2.9.3 3 months ago
clipboard.js Added clipboard.js v1.7.1 (#36) 4 months ago
d3/3.5.17 Added D3.js v3.5.17 7 months ago
d3-legend/2.25.6 Added D3 Legend v2.25.6 4 months ago
dojo/1.14.1/dojo Updated: Dojo Toolkit (v1.14.1) 7 months ago
ember.js Updated: Ember.js (v1.13.13, v2.18.2, v3.12.3) 7 months ago
ethjs/0.3.4 Added ethjs v0.3.4 (#37) 4 months ago
ext-core/3.1.0 Size reduced 7 months ago
fancybox Updated: jQuery Fancybox v3.5.7 (#86) 2 months ago
findify-bundle/6.9.15 Fixed #28 and #44 6 months ago
flv.js/1.5.0 Added flv.js v1.5.0 6 months ago
fontawesome Added: Font Awesome 'v4-shims.css' v5.15.1 (#137) 6 days ago
google-material-design-icons Updated: Google Material Icons (#94) 1 month ago
history/4.10.1 history v4.10.1 (#114) 1 month ago
hls.js/0.13.2 Added hls.js v0.13.2 6 months ago
instantsearch.js Added: InstantSearch.js v3.7.0 and v4.8.1 (#117) 1 month ago
jScrollPane/2.2.2 Added: jScrollPane v2.2.2 (#73) 2 months ago
jets/0.14.1 Added Jets.js v0.14.1 (#56) 3 months ago
jquery Unused jQuery v3.4.1 removed 2 months ago
jquery-csv/1.0.9 Added jQuery-csv, jQuery Ajax AutoComplete and Popper.js (Fixed #68) 5 months ago
jquery-easing/1.4.1 Added: jQuery Easing Plugin v1.4.1 (#101) 1 month ago
jquery-jeditable/1.8.0 Added jQuery jeditable v1.8.0 7 months ago
jquery-migrate Fixed #42 6 months ago
jquery-mobile/1.4.5 Added jQuery Mobile v1.4.5 5 months ago
jquery-modal/0.9.2 Added jQuery modal v0.9.2 JS&CSS (#36) 4 months ago
jquery-mousewheel/3.1.13 Added: jQuery Mousewheel v3.1.13 (#73) 2 months ago
jquery-tablesorter/2.31.3/js Added jQuery tablesorter v2.31.3 (#36) 4 months ago
jquery-validate/1.19.1 Added jQuery Validation Plugin v1.19.1 7 months ago
jquery.blockUI/2.70 Added jQuery BlockUI v2.70 7 months ago
jquery.devbridge-autocomplete/1.4.10 Added jQuery-csv, jQuery Ajax AutoComplete and Popper.js (Fixed #68) 5 months ago
jquery.lazy/1.7.11 Added: jQuery Lazy (with Plugins) v1.7.11 (#88) 2 months ago
jquery.lazyload/1.9.1 Added jQuery Lazy Load v1.9.1 6 months ago
jqueryui Updated: jQueryUI v1.8.18 to v1.8.24 (#83) 2 months ago
js-cookie/2.2.1 Added JavaScript Cookie v2.2.1 7 months ago
lazysizes/4.1.8 Added lazysizes v4.1.8 7 months ago
libphonenumber-js/1.7.53 Added libphonenumber-js v1.7.53 4 months ago
lodash.js Added: Lodash v3.10.1 (#107) 1 month ago
lozad.js/1.14.0 Fixed issue with lozad.js 7 months ago
materialize Added: Materialize (JS&CSS) v0.97.8 2 months ago
mdbootstrap/4.18.0 Added Material Design for Bootstrap (MDB) v4.18.0 (#77) 5 months ago
mirage2/latest Added Cloudflare Mirage2 (#22) 4 months ago
modernizr/2.8.3 Size reduced 7 months ago
moment.js/2.24.0 Fixed Moment.js (File extension and detection of resource name) 7 months ago
mootools Added MooTools v1.4.5 #32 4 months ago
nvd3/1.8.6 Added NVD3 v1.8.6 JS&CSS (#36) 4 months ago
object-assign/4.1.1 Added: Object-Assign v4.1.1 (#114) 1 month ago
oclazyload/1.1.0 Added ocLazyLoad v1.1.0 6 months ago
owl-carousel/1.3.3 Added: OwlCarousel v1.3.3 (#69) 2 months ago
p2p-media-loader-core/0.6.2 Added P2P Media Loader Core v0.6.2 7 months ago
p2p-media-loader-hlsjs/0.6.2 Added: P2P Media Loader Hls.js v0.6.2 (#95) 1 month ago
page.js/1.7.1 Added Vue.js v1.0.28 and page.js v1.7.1 7 months ago
plyr/3.5.10 Fixed #26 6 months ago
popper.js Updated: popper.js v2.4.4 (#103) 1 month ago
prop-types/15.7.2 Added: prop-types v15.7.2 (#114) 1 month ago
prototype/ Size reduced 7 months ago
raven.js/3.26.2 Added Raven.js v3.26.2 6 months ago
react/16.13.1/umd Added React and ReactDOM v16.13.1 (Fixed #70) 5 months ago
react-dom/16.13.1/umd Added React and ReactDOM v16.13.1 (Fixed #70) 5 months ago
react-lifecycles-compat/3.0.4 Added: react-lifecycles-compat v3.0.4 (#114) 1 month ago
react-redux/7.2.1 Added: react-redux v7.2.1 (#114) 1 month ago
react-router/5.2.0 Added: react-router v5.2.0 (#114) 1 month ago
react-side-effect/2.1.0 Added: react-side-effect v2.1.0 (#114) 1 month ago
redux/4.0.5 Added: Redux v4.0.5 (#114) 1 month ago
rickshaw/1.6.6 Fixed #28 and #44 6 months ago
rocket-loader/latest Added "ajax.cloudflare.com" and "Rocket Loader" 7 months ago
scriptaculous/1.9.0 Size reduced 7 months ago
select2/4.0.12 Fixed #28 and #44 6 months ago
showdown Added Showdown v0.5.1 and v1.9.1 (#37) 4 months ago
simplemde/1.11.2 Added simplemde v1.11.2 JS&CSS (#36) 4 months ago
slick-carousel/1.9.0 Added slick-carousel v1.9.0 3 months ago
slick-lightbox/0.2.12 Added: Slick Lightbox v0.2.12 (#108) 1 month ago
socket.io/2.3.0 Added Socket.IO v2.3.0 6 months ago
spin.js/2.3.2 Added spin.js v2.3.2 7 months ago
stickyfill Added: Stickyfill v1.1.4 and v2.1.0 (#73) 2 months ago
store.js/2.0.4 Fixed #31 and Store.js v2.0.4 added 7 months ago
swfobject/2.2 Size reduced 7 months ago
swiper Added Swiper JS+CSS v4.5.1 and v5.4.2 (#22) 4 months ago
tether/1.4.7/js Added Tether v1.4.7 (#77) 5 months ago
toastr.js/2.1.4 Fixed #28 and #44 6 months ago
tooltipster/3.3.0/js Added: Tooltipster v3.3.0 (#73) 2 months ago
underscore.js/1.9.1 Size reduced 7 months ago
urlive/1.1.1 Supplement to #56 6 months ago
urlize/latest A typo in the name of the directory fixed 5 months ago
vanilla-lazyload/17.1.0 Added Vanilla-Lazyload v17.1.0 (#56) 3 months ago
videojs-seek-buttons/1.6.0 Added: videojs-seek-buttons v1.6.0 (#99) 1 month ago
vue Updated: Vue.js v2.6.11 to v2.6.1 (#89) 2 months ago
vue-resource/1.5.1 Added: vue-resource v1.5.1 (#89) 2 months ago
waypoints/4.0.1 Updated: Waypoints v4.0.0 -> v4.0.1 (#108) 1 month ago
webcomponentsjs/latest Fixed #56 6 months ago
webfont Fixed: WebFontLoader (#139) 5 days ago
webrtc-adapter/6.4.8 Added WebRTC adapter v6.4.8 7 months ago
wow/1.1.2 Added WOW v1.1.2 7 months ago
algoliasearch3.33.0_algoliasearchLite_algoliasearchHelper.jsm Fixed #55 6 months ago
jsdelivr-combine-jquery-hogan-algoliasearch-autocomplete.jsm Fixed #45 6 months ago