A web browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy. It intercepts traffic, finds supported resources locally, and injects them into the environment. https://www.localcdn.org/
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Fixed: Settings import function (#1234)
5 days ago
constants.js Improve single version number detection (#1229) 6 days ago
file-guard.js Just code style (JS) 2 years ago
interceptor.js Block all non GET requests to CDN (#1226) 1 week ago
main.js Customizable badge for missing resources and some code improvements (#613) 1 year ago
manipulate-dom.js Check HTML filter improved 5 months ago
mappings.js Added: knockout.mapping v2.4.1 (#1210) 2 weeks ago
messenger.js Toggle button for Google Fonts (#620) 1 year ago
request-analyzer.js vex-js: vex-theme-wireframe.css -> vex-theme-wireframe.min.css (#1183) 2 months ago
request-sanitizer.js Initial commit to add wildcard for Google Fonts and HTML filters (#613) 1 year ago
resources.js Added: knockout.mapping v2.4.1 (#1210) 2 weeks ago
shorthands.js Mapping: webcomponentsjs -> cdn.jsdelivr.net (#1184) 2 months ago
state-manager.js Logic moved (#1085) 4 months ago
storage-manager.js Fixed: Settings import function (#1234) 5 days ago