• Stable v2.2.13 6176050eaf


    nobody released this 1 year ago | 1945 commits to main since this release

    • URLs updated (localcdn.de -> localcdn.org)
    • Fixed: Popup scrollbar of dark mode (reported by email)
    • Fixed: Wrong version selection of AngularUI Bootstrap (#50)
    • Implemented: Different styles for extension icons (#52)
    • Fixed: Bootstrap JS v4.4.1 (#54)
    • Implemented: Collapsible changelog for previous versions (reported by email)
    • Added: Jets.js v0.14.1 (#56)
    • Added: Vanilla-Lazyload v17.1.0 (#56)
    • Fixed: Blocking handling of "Google Fonts" improved
    • Removed: Support for "Google Material Icons" in Chromium (known Chromium bug, same with "Font Awesome")
    • Removed: Option item in Chromium to block "Google Fonts" (known Chromium bug, same with "Font Awesome")