Neovim defaults for Vim
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Neovim defaults for Vim

This tiny plug-in sets options to Neovim's default values where they differ from Vim's defaults. Intended for use by those who share configuration between Vim and Neovim and don't want to set redundant options in their nvimrc.

See also Sensible.vim for additional sensible defaults.

If you use a plug-in manager, such as vim-plug, you can load it conditionally:

if !has('nvim')
  Plug 'noahfrederick/vim-neovim-defaults'

Or using Pathogen:

let g:pathogen_disabled = []

if has('nvim')
  call add(g:pathogen_disabled, 'vim-neovim-defaults')

You must first source the plug-in before overriding one or more of these defaults in your vimrc:

runtime! plugin/neovim_defaults.vim

" ...

Otherwise you may place overrides in after/plugin/neovim_defaults.vim.

Credits and License

Copyright © Noah Frederick. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.