A template for Blot, based on The Jolly Teapot template. https://thejollyteapot.com
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Jolly Template

A template for Blot, minimal, light and fast, made to display easy-to-read blog posts.

These are the files of the template that I called Jolly, after my own website The Jolly Teapot, on which this template is based. If you are a Blot user, you can directly access it using this link.

Good things about this template:

  • small footprint: the CSS file is just 365 bytes, and the uncompressed size of the homepage should be less than 5kb.
  • it uses system fonts, no script, no nonsense.
  • it has an automatic dark mode
  • it should work just fine "out of the box": you should only have to choose your accent colour in the style.css view of the template. If not, dig into the code to customise a few more things (double check the favicon maybe).

Bad things about this template:

  • it may not be the easiest to manage, so if you plan to tweak around and customise it a lot, you might discover that some things are not really "best practice."
  • you will need to know your way around CSS and HTML if you plan to tweak the design to your likings, or add things like comments, webmentions, or analytics.
  • it is very minimal, so be warned: maybe try other feature-rich templates.
  • Most of Blot optional services will not work with this template: again, it will require direct HTML/CSS modifications to make some options works: this includes zoom on images, TeX support, etc.


  • For the summary on the homepage, you will need to add a summary metadata reference on your Blot entry.
  • The mobile view is not set up in the CSS file: I find that it looks good enough as it is, but now you know.
  • The head metadata is not complete when it comes to Open Graph, so you may want to check that on your side once it's installed. Same for the favicon parts, it should work, but maybe good to double check on your end.
  • On this template, the search, tagged, and archive pages use the same code: if you want to remove the tagged part, be sure to check the three pages.

Finally, if you see anything wrong with this template or one of its files, well, you know what to do.

DEMO (my own website)