Slidge - XMPP gateways (mirror)
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Slidge logo

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Slidge is a general purpose XMPP (puppeteer) gateway framework in python. It's a work in progress, but it should make writing gateways to other chat networks (plugins) as frictionless as possible.

It comes with a few plugins included, implementing basic direct messaging and more "advanced" instant messaging features:

Presences¹ Typing² Marks³ Upload Edit React Retract Reply Groups
Signal N/A N/A ~
Telegram ~
Discord N/A ~ ~
Steam N/A N/A ~ N/A N/A
Mattermost ~
Skype ~
WhatsApp N/A ~

This table may not be entirely accurate, but in theory, stuff marked works. N/A means that the legacy network does not have an equivalent of this XMPP feature (because XMPP is better, what did you think?).

WARNING: you may break the terms of use of a legacy network and end up getting your account locked by using slidge. Refer to the keeping a low profile documentation page for more info.


Slidge is beta-grade software for 1:1 chats. Group chat support is experimental.

Try slidge and give us some feedback, through the MUC, the issue tracker or in the public inbox. Don't be shy!


Slidge is available on, pypi and as debian packages. Refer to the docs for details.

About privacy

Slidge (and most if not all XMPP gateway that I know of) will break end-to-end encryption, or more precisely one of the 'ends' become the gateway itself. If privacy is a major concern for you, my advice would be to:

  • use XMPP + OMEMO
  • self-host your gateways
  • have your gateways hosted by someone you know AFK and trust

Thank you, Trung, for the slidge logo!