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ngn/k is a simple fast vector programming language
license: GNU AGPLv3 (v3 only) -
build: make CC=clang-12 # or CC=gcc-10
usage: rlwrap ./k repl.k
online: or

0.c syscalls and main() k.h embedding api
m.c memory manager a.h common header
p.c parser g.h header generated by g.k
b.c bytecode compiler and vm t/ unit tests
a.c eval, apply, amend, drill: . @ w/ web ui
h.c shape-related: x#y ,x x,y x/ example for using
o.c order and equivalence o/ build output
s.c string formatting: $x `k@x l/ k libraries
f.c find, random: x?y g/
1.c monadic arithmetic e/
2.c dyadic arithmetic except + and * dy/
3.c dyadic arithmetic + and * a19/
i.c i/o and \cmds a20/
v.c the rest of the verbs a21/
w.c adverbs
j.c json: `j@x `j?x
x.c serialization: `@x `?x
e.c error handling
k.c impl of embedding api

related projects: - continuous integration for osx - windows port - aoc20 solutions - aoc17 solutions - kpl, apl-like extensions for k