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ngn/k is a simple fast vector programming language
license: GNU AGPLv3 (v3 only) -
build: CC=clang-10 make -e # or CC=clang-7 or CC=clang-11 or CC=gcc-8
usage: rlwrap ./k repl.k

a.h common header
g.h header generated by g.k
k.h header for ffi
0.c syscalls and main()
m.c memory manager
p.c parser
b.c bytecode compiler and virtual machine
k.c eval, apply, amend, drill: . @
h.c shape-related: x#y ,x x,y
s.c object to string: $x `k@x
f.c find, random: x?y
1.c monadic arithmetic
2.c dyadic arithmetic except + and *
3.c dyadic arithmetic + and *
i.c i/o and \cmds
v.c the rest of the verbs
w.c adverbs
j.c json: `j@x `j?x
x.c serialization: `@x `?x
c.c cryptography
e.c error handling
t/ unit tests
o/ build tmp
web/ browser ui