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typedef long long K;typedef void V;typedef char C;typedef int I;typedef double F;typedef size_t N;typedef const C*Q;
V kinit(),unref(K),CK(C*,K),IK(I*,K),FK(F*,K),LK(K*,K),*dK(K),KA(Q/*todo*/,K),KR(Q,V*,I);C TK(K),cK(K);N NK(K);I iK(K);F fK(K);
K Kc(C),Ks(C*),Ki(I),Kf(F),KC(C*,N),KS(C**,N),KI(I*,N),KF(F*,N),ref(K),Kp(V*),KE(Q),KL(K*,N),K0(K*,Q,K*,I);
#define Kx(s,a...) ({static K f;K0(&f,s,(K[]){a},sizeof((K[]){a})/sizeof(K));})